Monday, May 2, 2011

Welcome to my RetroWalking diary

Ive decided to start a blog about my experience about Retro Walking, because Ive choosen this to be my favorite sport. I dont have much time for sports in general and I'm not really sporty, but Retro Walking is just creative, and as an artist I love creative things. My work isnt allowing me to take time for many activities, but I need this! Since I'm getting bored really fast, I need something what is different.
Today an old lady asked me while I was walking: What r U playing? .. and this is exactly the point it is like playing! I feel like a little child who is playing on the street since I'm retro-walking... I will try to upload my experience with it and every information I can get. In Japan it is common to do Retro Walking. And now its time to spread the word and tell everybody who wants to try something new.
Well, LUDI INCIPIANT! This will be my RetroWalking Diary and Im pretty excited about it!
with love
Zhana D' Arte

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